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coffee -tea -breakfast - sandwiches


Welcome to The Cabin Cafe - Wednesfield

We are a family run cafe providing delicious hot breakfasts, hot and cold sandwiches, and lunch time dinners,

we also offer a wide range of hot and cold drinks including

tea - coffee - espresso - cappuccino - espressochoc - cafe aulate - hot chocolate

we are in a newly refurbed cafe with ample parking,

we are located on Alfred squire road (in the middle of woodhouse fold car park) opposite wednesfeild police station

We first moved into the property in summer 2016 spending several months completely remodeling the cafe inside and out completely modernizing it, upgrading all furniture, recovering all the walls, upgrading the kitchen equipment and most bringing in a coffee machine so that we can offer a wide range of coffee to our customers.

We are located in a fantastic spot, just at the back of Wednesfield high street, opposite the police station, on a large free to park, car park, making it convenient for our customers to stop by and relax.